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Normal Antorus Cleared!

Ainyan a posted Dec 8, 17  -  Normal ClearRaid

On patch day, 11/28/2017, CCT entered Antorus, the Burning Throne, and quickly swept through its halls. By end of raid Wednesday, the final boss had fallen and CCT stood victorious on the dais of the Vindicator. Congratulations!

CCT Enters the Nighthold!

Boomslang a posted Jan 18, 17

After several weeks of gearing alts in Heroic Emerald Nightmare and pretending that Heroic Helya did not exist, Nighthold was opened up and CCY happily forayed in there to see what the fuss was all about.

After our first night we are 6/10 on Normal with a few sloppy kills as we got to learning the encounters. We'll be working our way through the rest of the normal bosses then testing the waters with heroics ASAP.

Big thanks to Nurain for recording the fights, feel free to watch them here:

edit: 8/10 after night 2. Full clear expected next week!

Heroic Emeral Nightmare is officially on farm status after our second week of clearing it in a single night.

Moving forward we will work on clearing it a bit faster so we can get into ToV on the same night for some attempts/kills.

Next stop: Heroic Trials of Valor!

Quick update on raid progress.

We have cleared Emeral Nightmare on normal multiple times, and have a Heroic Nythendra kill under our belts.

Unfortunately some roster issues and people have RL obligations have kept us from getting some additional heroic kills, it looks like most of that is behind us as we charge ahead full speed at working our way through Heroic Emeral Nightmare so we are geared and ready to take the Nighthold by storm.

See you kids Tuesday night for a normal clear and maybe 1 or 2 heroic bosses as well. Then some real progression work on Wednesday



We are alive, we are well, and we are raiding once again in the new expansion. Recruiting is currently open for Durotan/Ysera raiders, and cross-realm compatriots looking for a permanent raid group.

Current raid nights are Tues/Weds 8:30 - 11:30 EST

See you in-game, let's make this our best expansion yet!




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