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2nd night into the vaults, and CCT has tamed some naughty dogs. The rookie bitches are no longer on poop clean-up duty, and we can all enjoy epic lootz.

MoP Raid Progress
Guild Rank
Realm Rank 1
Region Rank 603
World Rank 1832
I got my garrison!
Better than yours Amber! Thats for sure! ;-D
Server issues aside, how was the first day of Warlords for you guys? :sick:
Got my 5th and last cloak today, with 2 hours and 15 minutes to go :sick:
Azoth- IKR? The loot gods were screwing with me too. 2 HWF pieces i had and 2 marginal side-grade upgrades.. lol i can never outright win :sick:
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