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Chi Cerca Trova
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2 attempts and we killed the bugger, great job guys!

His heroic trash ended up being harder than him. Go Us. 


Darowen Congrats! ...

After a few attempts having to remind people that the fire dance involves NOT actually dancing IN THE FIRE, we killed these 2 ugly bastards.


Having slacked off with screenshots of normal kills, we remembered to grab one of our 2nd Heroic Kargath kill. Doing work!

No, really, is the expansion over now?

Thanks for the fun, guys! 
Azoth Congrats!!!!
Raid Progress
3 threads on the strategy forum. Read them.
Got rugby tonight, should b e home by 8:30, but get shit going and kill the hordes of trash any time after 8:20
Looks like I might not make it tonight. If so I'll be late.
Work is still trying to kill me... I doubt that i'll be able to raid Thursday night. Sorry about that, I'd much rather be able to raid than deal with this Sh%T
just got the waygates near BRF and HM activated :sick:
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