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2 attempts and we killed the bugger, great job guys!

His heroic trash ended up being harder than him. Go Us. 


Darowen Congrats! ...

After a few attempts having to remind people that the fire dance involves NOT actually dancing IN THE FIRE, we killed these 2 ugly bastards.


Having slacked off with screenshots of normal kills, we remembered to grab one of our 2nd Heroic Kargath kill. Doing work!

No, really, is the expansion over now?

Thanks for the fun, guys! 
Azoth Congrats!!!!
Raid Progress
I know I need to work on quite a bit - seeing your analysis will help me figure it out even better.
Works for me. I know I failed several times, but if you don't know, you can't correct.
also, the compare function works now! Definitely check that out
are people okay with me doing some detailed analysis of our fights from the past week? will be me saying what we suck at, and who is sucking. My name appears more than I care to admit :(
good raid last night guys! Only 2 wipes to people being bad at mechanics. Review the logs and clean it up.
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