Chi Cerca Trova
Chi Cerca Trova
Level 25 Alliance · 553 members
About Chi Cerca Trova

Chi Cerca Trova is a 25-man raiding guild on Durotan-US. Since 2004, CCT has existed to raid with guild members we often call friends.

Our hope is that everyone wearing the Chi Cerca Trova tag can not only enjoy chat and (occasionally) witty banter, but also get serious in the face of every new boss begging to be killed. We ask you to come flasked, buffed, and well-fed, but pants are always optional.

Raid Schedule

Monday-Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m (occasionally we might push a raid to midnight)

Note: LFR is encouraged but not part of our guild schedule

Currently Recruiting

Please view the Currently Recruiting module on the left to see our immediate needs. Don't see your class/spec there? Have no fear, we are always looking for skilled raiders, so go ahead and apply anyways and we can talk to you further.

Exceptional applicants will be considered beyond current recruitment needs.

Loot Rules

Loot distribution is handled by a rotating loot council. The council changes every week and consists of current raid members and officers.

Each item is linked for consideration, bids are placed, and the loot council decides the winner based on several criteria. A full breakdown of how we manage our Loot Council is available to all members in the members only section on our forums.


CCT has a somewhat, possibly, hopefully capable officer corps that helps lead the guild to glorious conquests. These outstanding (questionable) individuals are as follows:

Boomslang - Guild Master, Raid Leader

If you ever have questions regarding the guild, the behavior of our members, or recruiting please don't hesitate to contact one of these fine individuals

How to Apply

If CCT sounds like the guild you've been looking for, please fill out an application or contact an officer in-game.
MoP Raid Progress
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Realm Rank 22
Region Rank 6334
World Rank 17283
where's our picture!? :p
added epgp standing to the top menu so you can keep track of things.
new state of the union posted, take a read!
Poke. Im still alive, but somehow not settled in yet. I will be back before the next xpac tho!
Happy birthday, Apex!
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